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DSAM17 – Day 18 – The Huddle

on October 18, 2017

I didn’t know how much support we would have.

I expected the world to go running.  I don’t mean any offense to our friends and family, but a lot of crazy shit goes through your brain in the first moments.  In one desperate nightmare, I pictured a lonely Christmas.  I wondered how many people would be willing to spend time with us, would laugh with us, would understand that our life was sort of the same, but kind of different too.  

The (not so) strange thing was that in the days and weeks as we settled into life, there was so much love surrounding us.  Certainly everyone else needed to process the diagnosis (more on that to come), but our support huddle was intact…

and growing.

We are so thankful to live in an area where we have our choice of organizations and groups to be a part of.  Through our favorite, UPS for DownS, we have made some deep and lasting connections with other families who walk our path.  

In sharing our stories through writing, I’ve also been able to connect with people in our life… colleagues, extended family, long-lost friends, random internet bloggers and moms…. who love Tessa as much as we do.

I am so grateful for the families that hold us up when we are tired, who fill in the little cracks that pop up when we are worn out or run down.  This journey would not be what it is without you. ❤️


One response to “DSAM17 – Day 18 – The Huddle

  1. Jan Anderson says:

    We love all of you, too!!

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