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Welcome 2020

It’s time to start a year fresh. Last year, I documented almost nothing in written word. It was just that kind of year – the word I focused on last year was “go,” and boy, did we ever! We committed to experiences, not things, and as I created our family photo album for 2019, I am calling it a win. We did all the things. It was great. I wrote none of it down, but yes, it was great.

This year, we build. That’s the word I chose – build. I have a few things in mind – some actual physical structures, others not. One very specific piece of building that I want to do is right here in this space, stockpiling the words and memories of our life in a way that I just didn’t do last year.


Our cast of characters:

John: Age at this writing, 34. “Rebuilding” his fantasy football team, exploring other mid-thirties life changes (suddenly a bourbon connoisseur, what??), managing the household much better than I at this time.

Ellie: Age at this writing, 8.5. Really desperately wants to be a teenager; loves scrunchies and nail polish. Reads and writes all the time. Self-described “emotional” person (we concur).

Tessa: Age at this writing, 6. Obsessed with movies and Pete the Cat. Hates dogs. Eats “airplane” oatmeal for breakfast. Loves to play pretend with her figurines.

Lauren: Age at this writing, 2.5. A beast. John’s shadow. Does what she wants. Eats what she wants. Tells you exactly how she feels and what she’s going to do about it.

Me: Age at this writing, 34. Busy. Blonde again. Still with a serious travel bug. Completely engrossed in the chaos of wife-ing and mom-ing and administrator-ing and friend-ing and all the other -ings.

Let’s get building…..

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