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Transition Time

I will set my alarm for 4:26 AM for the last time tonight. Wake-ups in my new job will be earlier than many, but not middle-of-the-wee-hours early. It feels weird.

It has been a slow fade, this goodbye. I knew in February that I would be moving to a new position in the next school year. It seems like the last two months or so have been a reminder of work that I will leave unfinished. Projects started and handed over, next steps left to someone besides me.

It’s quite sad, really.

But still.

I sat out on our patio this morning and watched the girls play on their new swing set. I listened as Ellie and Tessa chattered away, playing with their figurines together. I heard Tessa string together reasonable statements in their imaginary play, and smiled as Ellie slipped into Spanish for a brief moment, then back to English again.

I know why we did this. I have an inkling as to why God is pushing me in this direction, why He planted us here and now. My calling has been here, in this town, for as many years as I could have had a calling. It was just a matter of when and how I would land in this space. It doesn’t ease the trepidation, the heartache, the melancholy panic of transitioning to the unknown, but it reminds me that there is a place where I am needed.

I am grateful for that.

I am certain that I will not miss 4:26 AM, nor the afternoon traffic. The people, though, they are a different story. There is not much that compares to the people. 10 years of my Cougars… it’s difficult to say goodbye. It’s the right time, and a hard time all the same.

On to the next adventure….

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