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A broken musical tradition

So, confession:  I 100% broke my annual tradition of waiting for Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

Sorry, Mom!

It’s tradition in our family (like in many families) to wait until after the turkey.  Blame it on the two-sick-kids-mom-with-pink-eye-chaos-at-work-foot-of-snow-storm, but the little voice in my head said, “Girl, you need Mariah Carey, stat.”

And so it began.

For the record, there are some Thanksgivingish songs on my rockin’ playlist.  So, I think that excuses my bad behavior.  😉  This morning, this Thanksgiving morning, I’m here…  it’s loosely Thanksgiving.  Loosely.

I don’t care if the house is packed
Or the strings of light are broken
I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped
Or there’s nothing here to open

Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it
Love is simply joy that I’m home

I don’t care if the carpet’s stained we’ve got food upon our table
I don’t care if it’s gonna rain, our little room is warm and stable

Love is who we are, and no season can contain it
Love would never fall for that

We sing Oooo oo oo oo oo oo oooo

Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Why so scared that you’ll mess it up? When perfection keeps you haunted
All we need is your best my love, that’s all anyone ever wanted

Love is how we do, let no judgment overrule it
Love I look to you, and I sing

Let love lead us, love is Christmas
Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Love is Christmas and Thanksgiving, too.

Gobble Gobble!

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A day to catch up on life

We really put Girlfriend through the wringer today.  We have had a few days like that lately.  She’s a trooper, Miss Tessa.  She really is.

Two working educator parents means days like this – when we have a scheduled day off during the week, it means we have to jam pack it with all the appointments and phone calls and chores that cannot be done otherwise.  I’m sure that others outside of education must work this way too, maybe.  

Actually, I’m not sure.  I just know that sub plans are a pain in the rear, so for us, everything that can wait, does until we get a weekday off for some random holiday or break.

In any case, with Thanksgiving tomorrow, we double-booked therapies for today (yes, we know that’s not very nice) and then threw in a follow-up visit with her ENT (now that’s just mean).  I don’t know if we mentioned that we had a second set of tubes places in Tessa’s ears about a month ago… It was in the middle of our month-long advocacy-themed Down syndrome Awareness Month, so that little tidbit probably got lost in the shuffle.

(If you want my unsolicited, non-medical advice, I will tell you this: when an ENT tells you to get ear tubes, get them.)

I don’t know what Tessa’s hearing was like before the tubes, but I will say that almost immediately, we have experienced tremendous growth in her speech and general ability to react/interact.  There are some minor trade-offs (the whole crying-when-we-laugh issue is back), but she speaks to us nowand other people outside of the family can understand some of the things that she says!

(For example, no.  We can all clearly hear no.)

There are other words… a whole bunch of animal sounds, the number 2, hi and bye, please and thank you, papa, shh, up, and down.

For this, we are thankful.

But golly, it was a long day.  And even with the tubes, the hearing test was not completely clear.  A follow-up in a few months will hopefully give a better result.  Today, she passed “behaviorally”, which means that when they put her in the soundproof box, she showed behaviors that suggested she was hearing.  However, with the other test that somehow measures the function of her ear (note to self: look this up), she did not pass.  And so we wait three months and try again.

There are so many other tidbits to share about life lately.  So much is rushing around in our brains and on our calendar these days.  Those tidbits are for another time… for a day when I didn’t run through the maze of life responsibility that we did today.  For now, gobble gobble.  I wish you a restful Thanksgiving… and a day to check things off your list too.  May your children cooperate better than mine did. 😉 

On an unrelated note, who is this young woman and what did she do with my four-year-old??!  


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A Typical Two-Year-Old 

A few weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to sit in on one of Tessa’s therapy sessions.  Since we moved, her new therapists come while I am at work and I rely on my mom and the therapy notes to learn about what she is working on.  So, when situations arise where I can be a part of the sessions, it is a treat. 

I was sharing with her DT and OT some of the newer behaviors that she has that are making me bonkers.  All kids do goofy stuff, but sometimes the approach to existing with those behaviors is different when a child has some kind of cognitive delay.  In any case, after my little laundry list of items, her DT laughed and said, “well, she is certainly displaying some typical two-year-old behavior now!”  

This was music to my ears!  For as content as I am with whatever level of development either of my kiddos reaches, it’s fun to see them enter a new stage.  And while typical two-year-old behavior is often “boundary exploring” at best (let’s be honest.  “Naughty” is a better word.), it is impossible not to feel equally overjoyed and overwhelmed that she can now stand up at the refrigerator and pull down every single picture, magnet, calendar, and momento that was unreachable, or uninteresting, two days ago.

Bring on the Terrible Twos…


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