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Dear Cold and Flu Season

on October 25, 2016

Dear Cold and Flu Season,

You suck.

If October is any indication of how this season will go for us, then I suggest my readers buy stock in Kleenex and Tylenol right now, because we’re about to blow up the market.

If there has been one big challenge for us during this time After, it’s dealing with Sick.  Because when Ellie gets a cold, Tessa gets the same cold plus a sinus infection, pneumonia, an ear infection, and some strange full-body rash.  And it lasts for weeks.  So we’ve gotten pretty good at watching symptoms and knowing when we need to go in.  We have a good idea of how to get her to take her medicine, and we keep the bed propped at all times for drainage.  We haven’t figured out how to silence the whining, but we are getting lots of opportunities to try new approaches!

Thankfully, we have just had one Sick hospital stay so far.  I know it could be worse…. so much worse.  So I am truly grateful that we don’t have the heavy burdens of some of our friends.  But today, on the 34th day straight of some kind of drippy nose in our household, I’m just begging for little reprieve.  For goodness sake, please have some mercy on our raw and achy noses.

Most respectfully,

The Tired Mom

Who remembers this little chickadee??  5 months new… how much she has grown. ❤️


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