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Dear Internet

on October 26, 2016

Dear Internet,

I hate you and I love you.  You are not my favorite at this time because you aren’t working, which means I can’t post the post the really long post that I already wrote for tonight… and because it has taken me about 10 minutes just to type this little blurb on my phone.


Because of the Internet, connections.  Prayer warriors.  Cheerleaders.  People with knowledge.  People with ideas.  People who want to learn.  

On the dark side of the Internet, in the comment sections, where I get to be rattled by the ignorance of people who believe that my child will be a vegetable (and therefore, not worthy of life)… where I have to be jolted by the words of strangers who have no qualms about the word “retard” (or even better, words like lib-tard or f**ktard), I’m reminded of how much work there is to do.

And so we keep writing, and sharing, and connecting, and pushing.  We will be a force to be reckoned with.  We will be fierce.

We will teach the world to shout their worth because we have a place to connect and rally our troops.  We will educate ourselves and others.  We will continue to push.

And to have a medium in which to do all that, I am grateful.


The Facebook-loving, Instagram-clogging, Mom-Blogging Internet Fanatic

PS- I’m working on staying out of the comments.  It’s not worth the gray hairs.


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