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DSAM – Day 25 – The List

on October 25, 2017

Here’s a list of 50 51 things (that are mine to share) that I worry about on a daily basis:

  1. Ellie.
  2. Do I have clean underwear this morning?
  3. Do I have dishwasher detergent?
  4. Are there too many calories in this breakfast bar?
  5. If I don’t eat this breakfast bar, what will I eat?
  6. There are starving children in the world!
  7. How do I raise my children to care that there are starving children in the world?
  8. Should I really have bought this Dunkin coffee when I could have donated to a fund for starving children in the world?
  9. Is this coffee that I just bought decaf?  Or will I be wired in 15 minutes and not sleep for 3 days?
  10. Speaking of sleep, did I get enough last night?
  11. Is that a gray hair?  Or a blond one?
  12. Did John get out of bed this morning?
  13. Did John have clean underwear this morning?
  14. When did Ellie last brush her teeth?
  15. My God, what is she going to wear to school today?
  16. Are kids being nice to Ellie on the bus?
  17. Is Tessa being nice to her bus driver?
  18. Did I sign their folders for school last night?
  19. Does Ellie’s teacher believe that she read for 30 minutes?  Or does she know that I’m guessing?
  20. Is it bad that I’m guessing?
  21. Do other parents actually keep track of how many minutes their children read?
  22. Do other children read?
  23. Did my students do their homework?
  24. Do I need to call home if my students didn’t do their homework?
  25. Am I fostering responsible humans in my classroom who can be independent young adults if I call their parents and tell them that their child didn’t do their homework?
  26. Did Ellie do her homework?
  27. Why does she hate math homework so much?
  28. Will Tessa hate math?
  29. Will Lauren hate math?
  30. How will I help them with math if I can’t figure out the math problem?
  31. Speaking of math… how much money is left in my grocery budget for the month?
  32. Did I take chicken out of the freezer for dinner?
  33. Can we afford to go out to eat instead?
  34. Are there too many calories in a restaurant meal?
  35. Are there too many calories in a glass of wine?
  36. Is it bad that I have a glass of wine on Tuesday night?
  37. Speaking of wine… when did John and I go on our last date?
  38. Do we go out enough?
  39. Are we missing out on quality time with our kids if we go out again?
  40. Does my mom like watching them on the weekend after doing it all week?
  41. Does she just say yes because she feels bad?
  42. Do my children behave with her?
  43. Do my children behave at school?
  44. What if Lauren is naughty at school?
  45. What if I get cancer and die and can’t teach Lauren to be good in school?
  46. When did I last cut my children’s fingernails?
  47. Does Ellie need to learn to cut her own fingernails now?
  48. Am I holding her responsible enough for her own care?
  49. Am I raising a strong, independent young lady if I don’t make her learn to be responsible for her own care in first grade?
  50. Can she tie her shoes?
  51. Am I a bad mother because I have no idea if she can tie her own shoes?

Anyone notice what is missing from that list? (Which, by the way, I came up with in approximately 12 minutes and 43 seconds because that’s how fast I can type).  This is what is missing from the list:

Image result for trisomy 21 chromosomes

After almost four years, I am so surprised at how little I worry about that goofy little extra chromosome.  It took a little while to get to this point, but truly, at this point, I am far more concerned about the clean underwear.

Just sayin’



2 responses to “DSAM – Day 25 – The List

  1. lisa170 says:

    Thanks to a show called ‘war on waste’ I’d also be stressing that my coffee must be in a reusable cup and are people judging me for using a reusable cup and think that I think I’m better than them for using a reusable cup.

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