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DSAM17 – Day 24 – The Cutoff

on October 24, 2017

I’ve been so grateful for social media and the ability to connect with other families.

Sometimes, though, I can’t take it.  I have to walk away for a little while.

This mostly happens when really depressing stories about people’s beliefs about Down syndrome are making the rounds.  Sometimes there’s just a significant amount of drama that I don’t feel like reading.  Sometimes people get mean… sometimes my hormones get in the way of my ability to be patient with mean people.  So I walk.

For all it’s good, there can be some exhaustion in problem-solving all the time.  In those moments, I am thankful for the ability to put the Internet away for awhile.

Today is one of those days.



One response to “DSAM17 – Day 24 – The Cutoff

  1. Margaret Anderson says:

    Three beautiful girls!! Sometimes walking away is good…especially when you can walk with these beauties! Thanks for your thoughts.

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