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Dear Ashley

on October 9, 2016

Dear Ashlery,

Girlfriend, I miss ya.  It’s been almost ten years since we spent our first year teaching together up in that tiny little town.  They did a great job when they hired us to work together; we made such a great duo.  I couldn’t have done that first year without my constant companion at Friday Night Football, my dinner date to Chili’s like 5 nights a week, my early morning breakfast buddy, my Spain travel companion… should I keep going??

I think what I love the most about our friendship is that even as different as our lives may be, and for as long as we sometimes go without seeing each other, when we get to spend time together, it always feels like we see each other every day, like there has been no distance or time in the way.

The other day, I had written a comment on Facebook about how I was so glad to have you in my daughters’ lives. I really mean that.  I love that they can see someone so kind and loving, successful, confident, gorgeous, intelligent, who is an awesome friend and family member and a leader in her career.  I feel that it is so important that they be surrounded by strong women, and you are a shining example of that for them.

I often feel like a terrible friend these days.  I know that I have too many balls in the air right now and that my balance is a little off.  Another friend of mine always preaches that people find time for what is important to them and I don’t know, that seems a little unfair to me.  Maybe that is part of my struggle for balance.  In any case, I want you to know that I miss your face!  Thanks so much for always being there to help lift my spirits, hear my whining, and to drag me out for margaritas when I need it the most.

Cheers to pink, sparkly, shopaholic, wine-and-chocolate-loving girl bosses!  Now come over already, will ya??






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