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Dear Baby #1 and #3

on October 8, 2016

Dear Baby #1 and #3,

I must be in a weepy mood this morning.


Before Ellie and before Tessa, there were you two.  For a few precious weeks, we got to daydream about life with you, to think about who you might be and how fun it would be to have you to love and care for, to watch you grow.

God kept you before we met you and while we couldn’t understand it at the time, we do now.  If we had been sent you, how vastly different might our life be.

The pain of losing you both is eased only in having the grander plan revealed as life moves forward.  It’s really hard to say that I would rather have this baby than that one, but I understand the purpose in the suffering.  I can begin to recognize how each piece is starting to come together to make a far different picture than we imagined – not just because we have Ellie and Tessa, but because we don’t have you.

Little ones, you are loved.  I expect that you are making some others very happy up in Heaven, and that we’ll get to meet you some day.  Thanks for teaching us some lessons that we very much needed.

Hugs and Kisses,



This is part of the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge – blogging every day for the the 31 days of Down Syndrome Awareness month.  To find out more about the challenge, and to see other blogs participating, click here.

This year’s theme has been inspired by the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network’s #deardoctor campaign.  To see more #deardoctor letters, visit their Facebook page here.



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