Yo soy La Lay

adventures in family, faith, and Down syndrome


on January 25, 2016

It has been some time, hasn’t it?

The time of year has been deemed “Crabuary” in our house.  January and February blur together in one gray, cold and damp haze.

I get busy at work during Crabuary. Annual summatives are due, last minute evals, kids trying to sneak in a drop in the new semester, course selection and we’re talking about next year already.

Still, we’ve managed to keep our weekends light and fun.  Nights are quiet.  The kids are growing.  Tessa is exploding with words, new ones sprouting every day.  I have been told her “receptive” language is weaker… but that seems to run in the family.

I can think of quite a few family members, actually, with weak receptive language skills.  Myself  included. 😜

Ellie is reading.  (Lots!)  She has announced that she will not be going to kindergarten in the fall, opting instead to carry on in preschool for as long as she feels like it.

Clearly, we’ll have to work on this.

Until I get time for more detail, here, enjoy some cuteness…



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