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It’s time for preschool, take one

on September 1, 2015

I am a blubbering mess of tears.

My eldest child has been in day care since she was 7 weeks old, and yet, today, I am a wreck.

When did this little peanut get to be old enough for school??


I will tell you right now that I fully understand that my feelings are totally normal and that yes, she will do great at her new school with her new life, but still.  Preschool is kind of a Big Deal.

Being the mediocre mom that I am (Kidding!  Kind of.), I am letting her dad take the morning off to bring her to school for the first time.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think I can do it.  I never ever wanted to be a stay at home mom, but have still refused to do any drop-off at daycare.  Tomorrow’s preschool send-off is no different.

(Let’s not even talk about how my first payment bounced because of our stolen debit card and I had to interrupt John’s workout for him to rush over and pay our balance or they wouldn’t let her in.  Having it all together is not in my skill set right now.)

Tonight, I packed her little backpack with some extra clothes and her folder.  I packed her a healthy snack (pretzels…. and one pink frosted animal cracker because I’m just kind of like that) and I wrote her a little note on a napkin, which of course she can’t read, but I hope someone will help her.  And all morning, I’ll probably be completely unproductive and pray that my husband gets her there on time and that she remembers to tell people her name and doesn’t get in trouble for talking about poop.

Off on her new little adventure she goes.

Will someone pass me a Kleenex and some waterproof mascara?



One response to “It’s time for preschool, take one

  1. Judy Lay says:

    You just brought me back in time by 33 years. Dad was always the drop offer too. I couldn’t take it either. We give them wings to soar and then with hands on our hips shout, “Get BACK in this nest!” This is just the start mom.:-)

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