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Life, lately… June 2015

on June 16, 2015

It’s been quite some time since I just posted cuteness…  so, here we go!

The girls rode in a cart together for the first time:


My mom and Tessa are so photogenic…


And I decided to join in the fun!


This is our “Tiger Family.”


Ellie got a new bike helmet so that she can ride her bike.  She insisted on wearing it around the store.


Daddy has been practicing his hair combing skills.


Ellie is so very excited to spend more time with her cousin this fall when my mom watches her. 🙂


Don’t you just love gaggles of small children??


Tessa is not impressed with most foods these days.  Who can blame her?  She just got FOUR teeth in at the same time!


When there are a thousand boxes around the house, you have to have a little fun!


Well, fun until it isn’t so much fun anymore…


Tessa is getting so big!!!


It’s been raining a TON, but we decided to brave the rain and take a little bike ride anyway!

IMG_8542These last three of Tessa are from today…  I can’t wait to print them to hang in my office.  She is so pretty!  🙂  

FullSizeRender (13)



5 responses to “Life, lately… June 2015

  1. You can’t top the picture of the girls in the cart together. Too cute!!!!

  2. Oneinamillion says:

    Oh man you have a couple of gorgeous girls there. It blows me away how grown up Tessa looks! And you’re right, so pretty (not that that is important, but she is!). When I think about getting to meet you and Tessa at the end of the year I get so excited!!!

  3. Judy Lay says:

    This makes me smile! Had little time to check out the blog the last week, so happy to see my girls!

    • Maggie says:

      You have been missed, Oma!!! Every time that we have stopped by, Ellie has been so disappointed that Momma Bird isn’t there to play!

      • Judy Lay says:

        Let her know momma bird misses baby bird and my hatchling! Always and forever no matter what! Make memories kids!

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