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Zoo Day, Take 2

on June 13, 2015

There were three distinct differences between the zoo trip that Ellie and I took last year and ours today.

1. No more diapers.

2. No more stroller.

3. No more nap on the way home.

Because we no longer need diapers, I spent as much time checking out the potties as I did looking at animals.  Just sayin’.

We started with our usual breakfast:

During our meal, Ellie told me all about the animals that she would like to see.  We had been watching Wild Kratts in the moments before we left the house and by odd coincidence, it was all about an African Safari.  The last scene that we saw was a slide show of sorts that flashed pictures of at least half of the animals that we were going to see.  Because of this, I spent most of the morning explaining to Ellie how the zoo and Africa were two different places.   In any case, we beelined for the zebra and giraffes first, her two favorite animals.  Much to her dismay, the zebra did not pee while we were watching this year. The giraffes were so close to the fence though that the zebra was quickly forgotten.

We saw the Penguins eating their breakfast…

And, since this is the trip where we go crazy and do all the things that Daddy always says “no” to, we had our caricatures drawn by some high school kid saving money for a trip to Costa Rica.  Ellie was totally entranced by his work.

As usual, we saw the dolphin show and ate a really overpriced lunch.  We spent a good deal of time sitting by one of the fountains taking mommy/daughter selfies and debating whether the fake floating crocodile could eat the fake hippo on the other side of the pool.

We started at the zoo at 9:30 and by 1:00, I was exhausted.  Not Ellie!  Onward she lead me, to seals and rhinos and past the bears again.  We visited a little pet gift shop just because it looks like a dog house and she was desperate to go inside.  And of course, we had to cool down with some Dippin’ Dots!

Ellie took my picture outside of the Ape House:

By the end of the day, there was a lot of time spent on the trolley due to the tired legs (pros and cons to no stroller!).  Our last stop of the day was the gift shop, where she simply could not be swayed from the selection of this quality item for John:

Let me tell you, she was PUMPED to give it to him.  I gave him a heads up that he would need a good reaction prepared for this one!!  It really is cute, just not something that I’d ever pick out for the football loving, guitar playing guy’s guy that I married.  🙂  She was also desperate to give Tessa the exact same squeaky toy as she did last year, but I was able to convince her to pick out a little stuffed penguin.  Oh, to know what goes on in that kids’s head!!!!

Last year, on the way home, Ellie slept peacefully in the backseat and I had quiet time to reflect on our lovely day.  This year, she talked (and talked and talked) the whole way home about everything she saw and what she would tell her daddy about our day.  It was exhausting, but equally as lovely.  I can’t help but wonder how she be next year, as an almost five-year-old when we go again.  I don’t know if two years in a row counts as a tradition, but she is such a fun little girl… I can’t wait to go again!!


3 responses to “Zoo Day, Take 2

  1. Jenna says:

    What a fun day, making memories that Ellie will always remember! What a great mom, you are 🙂

  2. Joanne says:

    I never noticed how much you and Ellie look alike. Mom and daughter days are the best. Aisha is still a small bean, but I plan on taking her to breakfast tomorrow.

    Just because. ❤

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