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Happy birthday, Love!

on March 10, 2014

(This is my second post in a month dedicated to my husband.  My apologies.  He’s embarrassed, which is kind of why I do this.)

The past weekend was so incredibly busy for our family, but also so joyful!  We celebrated my husband John’s 29th birthday.  I love his birthday because every year, I am reminded of how wonderful our friends and family are.  We are so blessed!!!  We always celebrate with a night out at a favorite bar that serves a variety of craft beers (as well as vodka cranberries…. which is why I’m still tired today).  So many of John’s friends come out to have a drink with us.  We were even joined this year by one of his best friends and his girlfriend, Aaron and Kim, who flew in from Kansas as a surprise!!  So cool!  I love Kim because she’s in a PhD program for child psychology and even when I tell her the craziest of stories about my children, she assures me that they are just fine.  🙂

As for the birthday boy…. for whatever reason, it seems that his birthday, March 10th, tends to bring great weather to the Chicago area each year.  It’s probably very coincidental, but for as many years as I’ve known him, his birthday has been a take-off-your-coat-for-the-first-time kind of Spring day and today is no different.  Tessa and I are soaking in some great Vitamin D today!!  I think I pay such close attention to the weather today because of the story that John’s mom tells us every year about his birth…

When Judy was pregnant with John, he was quite a surprise.  She did not even know she was pregnant until about four months into the pregnancy.  As is common practice, they had an ultrasound to check on John’s development.  At that visit, doctors could not detect any arms or legs on their precious little baby.  When the doctor shared with them that John would have no limbs, he encouraged them to consider terminating the pregnancy.  My in-laws were astounded, but took no time to decide that this was their child and that he would be born as God intended.  Whatever he was at birth, he would be loved and cared for by his parents.

John’s birthday was weeks earlier than expected.  It was a cloudy, cool day when Judy went into the hospital.  After laboring for only a couple of hours, John was born weighing 5 and a half pounds, with arms, legs, 10 fingers, and 10 toes.  Literally, when he was born, the sun came out, the temperature soared to 62 degrees (20 degrees above normal) and, as she tells us, all the nurses were taking off their sweaters and going outside to soak in the warm sunshine.  This may be cheesy, but he has been bringing sunshine to all of our lives ever since!!  I am forever grateful to my in-laws for their faith in God and in each other, that they would trust in Him and His plan for their family.        

So to my wonderful husband, happy birthday.  Thanks for being such a light in my life.






3 responses to “Happy birthday, Love!

  1. Oneinamillion says:

    What a lovely post, and lovely family you have!
    It seems crazy that they could make that kind of mistake with a scan, but I guess it still happens now. Good lesson to not just act straight away based on one scan!

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