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on January 21, 2014

We learned at Tessa’s birth that she has Down Syndrome. She was born a little early, at 37 weeks and 3 days. Her birth day was the most life-changing, whirlwind of a day that I’ve lived through in my 28.5 years.

When we tell people that Tessa has Down Syndrome, people are unsure how to react. I mean it in the kindest way possible when I say that it is interesting to watch people search for the right reaction (which is why we prefer to share that information through text or email). If you are ever in that situation, a generally good response is “congratulations!” (following with a “what does that mean?” or “how can I help?” is also appropriate). We celebrate the life entrusted to us to care for and raise every day and we hope our family and friends will do the same.

We are often asked if we knew before she was born. The answer is no. John and I don’t live in hypotheticals when we can avoid it – and for us, the genetic screenings create a lot of hypotheticals that we don’t want to sort through unless necessary. Tessa didn’t show any markers on her ultrasounds, I’m not of “advanced maternal age.” We’ve simply been blessed with a sweet girl to raise who happens to have some extra chromosomes. We have heard that it is common for couples to abort their pregnancies when they learn that their child has Down Syndrome. Hearing that rattles me – this beautiful baby has so much to teach us about life; I can’t imagine not bringing her into our home. And, for the record, if God blesses us with another baby in the future, we still won’t do any tests.

Today Tessa began her Early Intervention. In my next writing, I’ll share information about what DS looks like in Tessa and what is in store for her over the coming months.


4 responses to “Tessa

  1. Margarita Henry says:

    I asked my pediatrician abut my little boy having his eyes checked…but she said it was too early for it..my little guy has DS too..and he is AWESOME, we love him.

  2. Jenny Sabourin (Linsenmeyer) says:

    Hi Maggie,
    My brother Jeff told me you had a baby- congratulations! Please let our family know if there is anything you need!
    -Jenny Sabourin (Linsenmeyer)
    P.S. This might be later in the blog, but have you read the book “Bloom”? Or checked out http://www.kellehampton.com? You probably get asked 1000x times a day but I figured I would ask, I follow and enjoy her blog!

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