Yo soy La Lay

adventures in family, faith, and Down syndrome


on January 20, 2014

This is what you should know about my family:

John – Husband. Age at this writing, just shy of 29. Married almost 5 years. Teacher, grad student, coach. Funny, kind, playful. My best friend and favorite person on the planet.

Ellie – Child #1, girl. Age at this writing, 2.5 years. Sassy, sweet, unapologetic, bossy. Doesn’t color WITH you, but rather tells you what to color and expects you to do as you are told.

Tessa – Child #2, girl. Age at this writing, one month. Personality TBD. Likes being cuddled, burping loudly, and 4 AM. Dislikes being moved. Has Down Syndrome.

Me (Maggie) – Age at this writing, 28 (truthfully, I lost track and had to do some math to make sure that I am correct…. I am.) Teacher (high school Spanish). Personality? See Ellie’s description above. She is me, in toddler form. I love ellipses (…) and exclamation points, among other things.


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