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Nine Nine Bust a Rhyme

on July 11, 2018

I am, in no way, shape, or form, a poet.  Truth be told, I don’t really even like poetry.  Shel Silverstein is great, but otherwise, poems are really above my level of brain power.


This morning I woke up on my ninth wedding anniversary and all I kept thinking was “Nine Nine Bust a Rhyme,” which is part of a game we used to play in college.  It was one of those earworm phrases that I could not get out.  So today I submit to you a poem, in honor of my hubs, along with my apologizes for bad rhymes and other poetic offenses.

Nine years ago today

In a church that’s not too far

We said our vows

And friends said Wow!

(They loved the open bar)


The wedding was so great

Our trip to Mexico too

But even better

Than that day

Is my marriage now to you



We were so very young that day

Had barely lived we thought

And here we are

Three kids two cars

And all the clothes that we have bought


Our children are so crazy

They make us laugh all day

But also though

Our hair of gold

Is turning now to gray


Most Fridays we eat pizza

Watch Shark Tank on the couch

Sometimes there’s wine

Red’s yours, white’s mine

And at Scrabble, you’re no slouch


You let me call you Jefe

Even though I am the boss

Though honestly

It seems to me

You get your point across

(when making choices)

(that is a terribly written verse)



I am so bad at poetry

I hope you can forgive

And when I fall asleep

At eight

Whatever dude, you’ll live.


I really need to end this poem

I can’t find a way to stop

But since you’ve brought

The Crazies home

They need their lollipops


(Dear God, this is the worst poem ever)


Ok that’s it, I’ve gone too far

I just want to share my love

You are the best

Man that I know

God sent you from above.


The end.

(Look as us.  We were BABIES!)

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2 responses to “Nine Nine Bust a Rhyme

  1. Margaret Anderson says:

    Your poem is lovely! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Jan Anderson says:

    Happy anniversary! Love you both and your sweet girls! May God continue to bless you all in many, many ways!!

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