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DSAM17 – Day 22 – Quiet

on October 22, 2017

I thought life would always be chaotic.

Let’s be honest – with three (fairly) small children, it is chaotic.  There is always crying, or singing, or both, somewhere in my home.  Frazzled is pretty much how we roll.

My mom just texted me about prepping for Christmas and I don’t even have a Halloween costume planned for Tessa yet, so yeah.  What’s she going to be?  No clue.

But for the past 23 minutes, I have had blissful silence.  Ellie is down in the basement watching old episodes of Mr. Rogers.  Tessa has finally fallen asleep, as has Lauren.  John is out and about.  And I am just enjoying my bay window, listening to the rain, and making a list of long-term home goals.  

Moments to recharge can be really hard to come by.  It is so vital that we find them.  At our last DSDN retreat, we learned about compassion fatigue and the desperate need for self-care.  That need is precisely why I’m not doing laundry or dishes right now.  I’m just quiet.


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