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DSAM17 – Day 10 – Black Day

on October 10, 2017

Marcus Sikora is an awesome guy who wrote a book called Black Day: Monster Rock Band.  My kids LOVE this book and I think you should buy it.  It’s so perfect for Halloween.  We watch the DVD version of the book pretty much every day during October and Tessa sleeps with the book (which is hard cover so ouch).

Marcus and his mom, Mardra, came to our Chicago-area conference last October and told a little bit about the story behind Black Day, as well as Marcus’ love for acting.  Marcus did a Q&A session with the crowd and signed autographs.  My girls think it is pretty awesome that we have a signed copy with “omg his REAL handwriting!!”

This month for Down syndrome Awareness Month, we decided to donate a copy of Black Day to both of the girls’ schools.  I think it’s pretty awesome that Tessa will be able to visit her school library and find a book written by someone with Down syndrome.  It’s not something we foresaw on the day she was born, but it has been an excellent plot twist nonetheless. 

To buy Marcus’ book, click here:  https://mardrasikora.com/black-day/ You will love it!


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