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DSAM17 – Day 4 – We work

on October 4, 2017

This is strange surprise.  But then, most of the “surprises” seem that way now, given time and perspective.

Because Tessa was born pretty healthy, all things considered, we were blessed with time to bond with her immediately following her birth while they prepared a bed for her in the NICU.  We talked a lot in those first moments, trying to process the seemingly drastic life shift that had just happened.  We wondered, would one of us have to quit a job that we love and stay home with this child?  Who would be willing to care for her?  Would she need more help than we can provide?

Spoiler alert: we still work.

There are certainly challenges that come with being a working parent when your child has a disability.  Juggling appointments and therapy sessions can be overwhelming at times, and you have to learn to trust that those caring for your child are giving her the very best.  We didn’t sit in every therapy session, nor did I always get to attend every doctor appointment, but in a way, working has given me a chance to recharge my mom battery.  My kids get the best of me when I’m in the working world during the day.  I know this isn’t the case with every mother, but frazzled as I am 96% of the time, it works for us.  The ability to work is a surprise that I am quite thankful for. ❤️


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