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Eight <3

on July 11, 2017

Eight years gone by in a flash.

Cookies and walks on Monday evenings.

Breakfast before 7:30 class.

Sushi dinners.

Ironing tiny ribbons for Save the Dates.

Clearing the absurd back log on our DVR.

Driving through the mountains in your mom’s Mustang, top down.

Wandering through Barnes and Noble.

Bon fire nights.

Opening our Christmas gifts two days early.

Surprise road trips to the QCA.

Rockin’ our babies.

Morning text messages with emojis and the Judge Judy eye roll.

Cleaning our kitchen.

Pizza after the kids go to bed.

Swim lessons, bottles, diapers, and baths.

Laughing all the way through it.

And this:

I love you, Johnny.  Happy anniversary. ❤️


3 responses to “Eight <3

  1. Sarah says:

    Well, this made me cry. Just like 8 years ago. Love you both.

  2. Lori Schmitz says:

    Your beautiful love story! Loved the song!

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