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Obligatory Year-End Post

on December 31, 2016

It appears that we have two options here:  we can look back at 2016, full of woe and frustration for the many things that overwhelmed us, pushed us, didn’t go our way, or we can choose to be grateful for all that we have with which to enter 2017. 

My choice is to be grateful.

(That is not to say that my phrase of the year still wasn’t “but that doesn’t even make any sense!” but I digress.)

In any case, three cheers from 2016:

Cheers to deeper relationships

My babies spent half of 2016 developing relationships with their grandparents that could only have come through those sleepy Saturday mornings and chaotic nightly dinner scenes.  We may have lost in independence for that brief time, but there is something to be said for the opportunity to enjoy my children through the eyes of their grandparents.

And on our own, in our cozy house, with no money to go anywhere or do anything, followed closely by All The Germs, our family of four grew on our own again, figuring out our new routines (must make lunches after dinner) new rules (no ice cream unless we walk there), and new traditions (hello, parade right in front of our house!).

Cheers to solidarity

The political season has left deep, scarring wounds on so many of our hearts.  But I think, at least for me, there is some comfort in the voices I found that banded together against ugly words and behaviors.  My hope for 2017 is in the willingness of so many to still stand up for rationality and compassion.

Cheers to Taking Care of Each Other

I started the school year with a reminder to myself that we are called to serve and not be served.  It has been challenging to live this every day. (Most especially when pregnant.)

Challenging, yes, but in those moments when I listen to my heart, oh so worth it.  

2017 is not the year that I lose my baby weight. It’s not the year where I get fit or dedicate myself to making time for me.  Instead, I’m forging forward with serving.  I feel like right now, it’s the least I can do.

May courage, compassion, and empathy rule in our hearts in 2017.



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