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Treetop Love

on June 25, 2016

Some of my most favorite places in my Rolodex of memories are high up in the trees.  I have always loved the birds-eye view, the ability to just look out on the world and soak it all in.  As a child, I remember sitting at my upstairs bedroom window, which faced the street, and watching the teenagers walk home from our local high school, which was about 50 yards from our home.  I loved to examine their fashion, listen to their words… It intrigued me.

In the back yard, there was a crab apple tree with the perfect little notch for sitting with a book to read.  My brother and his friends preferred the big maple tree for climbing high, high toward the sky, but not I.  My love of looking out at the world has some limits – like a thick, strong window or the need to feel like even if I fell out, I wouldn’t die.

In high school, there was the hotel at Monte Verde in Costa Rica.  When most of my friends took the zip lining tour, I preferred to walk the bridges high up in the treetops, looking out on the lush forest below.

The fifth floor of the library at Augustana, my little dorm room high up in Andreen, looking out into the treetops, so many memories of the calm that comes from looking out into a beautiful green landscape.

I tell you this now because we are home and it is lovely and there are trees – so many trees.  I mean, these are the views from our bedroom windows.  

In the morning, before the chaos of the day begins, this is my first view of the world:

The flood of memories and peace it brings to me, to feel that I am waking up in a secluded retreat every morning… it’s one of my most favorite parts about Home.

Stay tuned for more Home, coming up in the next few weeks. ❤️


3 responses to “Treetop Love

  1. Sarah Werhane says:

    First of all, I love you. Second, my new home charms me because it reminds me of Andreen and Augustana too. For me it’s the sloped ceilings on my second floor. Parallel-ish life experiences!

  2. That is indeed a great view to wake to. My house is filled with light as soon as the sun decides to show. It’s great. I’ve tons of trees in the backyard as well, which helps with your day. I absolutely loved clinging trees as a child too, but there weren’t much when we lived in the city. So that ended quickly. Thanks for the share! It does indeed take you back to old memories of free play up the in the trees where you could pretend you’re one of the lost boys. 😊

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