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on December 18, 2015

Two is such a sweet little word.  Two.  Just say it out loud.  Come on, do it.  Seriously.

It makes me smile, and so does this beautiful face:


And so, now she is two and we are smiling.

This isn’t an entry about a path to acceptance or how far we have come.  It’s not meant to tell you all the wonderful things that she has accomplished this year.  I don’t feel like celebrating all the hard work and the progress, I just want to celebrate her and who she is and what she means to our family.

At two, she’s fun and feisty.  She loves to say hello to strangers in the store.  She throws her arms out when she wants to be held and is crazy persistent with her demands.

Her favorite food is vanilla Oreos, which she daintily holds between thumb and index finger and slowly nibbles away at each night after dinner.  One cookie is never enough.

She doesn’t much feel like walking.  Crawling suits her well enough for now.  She has a great stink-eye when she’s not into whatever you are requesting that she do.  The therapists get it often.  So do I.

Her enthusiastic “Hiiieeeeeeeee” when I walk in the door makes me grin every time.

She’s upset by laughter still, but calmed by big hugs.  She loves to read books and make animal sounds.  She gets angry at bedtime.  Bright and early in the morning, she pops up and chatters Ellie’s ear off until she gets a response.

She cracks herself up.

She sings.  It is the sweetest little sound.

She’s been worth every stretch mark and extra pound that I haven’t lost.  Every chaotic mealtime with two small children instead of just one.  Every frantic dash to clean up before therapy.  She’s worth all of the everything.

And really, all of the everything is nothing compared to our love for her and our gratefulness to be raising her.

Two has come quickly.  The other years, I am sure, will be no different.  I am just so thankful to have her to say hi! when I walk in the door, to give hugs in the morning, to steal hearts and change minds and to teach her sister (and maybe some others) a little something about kindness and sharing and love.

Happy birthday, Tessa!



4 responses to “Two

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I so so so love the pictures!!

  2. Andrea Wdowiarz says:

    Tessa is such a loving girl. She never wants anyone to cry and will stop what she is doing to comfort anyone she feels is in pain. She is also a great dancer! I am so thankful that I get the opportunity every day to squeeze on this little girl! Happy Birthday Peanut!

  3. Rachel says:

    Love the glimpses into your life with Tessa. What a sweetie! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday to Tessa! She’s adorable and the portrait you paint feels real and warm and wonderful. Thank you for sharing her with us!

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