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A Typical Two-Year-Old 

on November 10, 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to sit in on one of Tessa’s therapy sessions.  Since we moved, her new therapists come while I am at work and I rely on my mom and the therapy notes to learn about what she is working on.  So, when situations arise where I can be a part of the sessions, it is a treat. 

I was sharing with her DT and OT some of the newer behaviors that she has that are making me bonkers.  All kids do goofy stuff, but sometimes the approach to existing with those behaviors is different when a child has some kind of cognitive delay.  In any case, after my little laundry list of items, her DT laughed and said, “well, she is certainly displaying some typical two-year-old behavior now!”  

This was music to my ears!  For as content as I am with whatever level of development either of my kiddos reaches, it’s fun to see them enter a new stage.  And while typical two-year-old behavior is often “boundary exploring” at best (let’s be honest.  “Naughty” is a better word.), it is impossible not to feel equally overjoyed and overwhelmed that she can now stand up at the refrigerator and pull down every single picture, magnet, calendar, and momento that was unreachable, or uninteresting, two days ago.

Bring on the Terrible Twos…



One response to “A Typical Two-Year-Old 

  1. Oneinamillion says:

    It’s amazing how those kind of milestones that some other parents dread are the ones that make us the happiest!

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