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Advocacy #6: MAKE IT STOP!

on October 6, 2015

The R word.

I mean, seriously.

It’s 2015.

Don’t say it.  Don’t avoid calling others out on it when they say it.

There are people who will try to make you feel really bad about telling them to stop using the R word.  They will tell you that you are too sensitive and they mean nothing by it and that people these days need to “lighten up.”

Be tough. Be strong.  Be brave.

Keep fighting.


2 responses to “Advocacy #6: MAKE IT STOP!

  1. violaswift says:

    I’m not really known for my politically correctness, but there are few words I find more offensive than the “R” word. Actually, I can’t really think of any. It’s just so disrespectful, and when I hear people say it the only word that comes to mind is “ignorance”

    • Maggie says:

      I agree with you – I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. People grow up in all kinds of environments, after all, and we can’t understand life in anyone’s shoes but our own. But by now… in 2015… this is just plain unacceptable.

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