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Little tiny boxes, big fat dreams

on May 28, 2015

When we bought this seemingly giant townhouse, we couldn’t imagine how we would ever fill it.

We lived on hand-me-downs, quite literally, for quite some time.  A futon that dipped in the middle almost to the floor, a loud floral print sectional sofa draped with bed sheets to tone it down… a mishmash of his life and mine and everyone else’s came together to make Home.

New things trickled in.   We bought a cheap kitchen table that we wouldn’t use consistently during mealtime for well over a year.  A shiny new stand mixer as a wedding gift, a bedroom set, a new sofa.  There was a wine rack purchased from our elderly neighbors on a whim, holding fancy wine given to us by dear friends as a wedding gift, and more barware than any other home I’ve ever visited.

Wardrobes purchased, wardrobes replaced…  Elastic waistband maternity clothes lined the master closet, then drawers full of little tiny onesies in pink and purple and sparkly loveliness.

Piles and piles of books fill shelf upon shelf.  From infant swing to exersaucer, pink plastic Big Wheel traded for a Disney Princess big girl bike, there are toys in every single room.  Camping gear and Christmas decorations are stacked up high in the garage.  Furniture for one child doubled, but try as we might, we couldn’t stretch the space.

All of the things are slowly making their way into little tiny boxes, ready for The Big Move.

Can I just say…. there is so much HAPPY here.

The tiniest little corner of my heart worries that we will jinx it, moving out of these lovely little cramped quarters.  But the dreams… the big, fat, hazy dreams… they keep us packing.

This little love makes it worth every piece of bubble wrap and packing tape.  She is the one teaching us what dreams are all about.


2 responses to “Little tiny boxes, big fat dreams

  1. mrs.werhane says:

    This is perfectly written.

  2. […] thankful for this little, yet huge house that we can call our home.  When we moved, I wrote about how happy we were, smushed into our old home.  And guess what?  We’re happy here, too.  It suits us, and our needs, and we […]

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