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peace and quiet

on May 1, 2015

So I’m sitting in a Target parking lot, feet up on the dashboard, windows open, stuffing my face with a spicy tuna roll.

(Sorry I ate sushi without you, Johnny.)

If you don’t believe me check out this visual proof.  Please note the “artistic value in my shot (read: it’s totally staged and I looked really silly taking it).  

I’m picking up my kids from their sitter in ten minutes and we are heading into a jam-packed weekend of wedding and baptisms and family (oh my!).  I will tell you, though I’m sure you can already tell, that life has been a little overwhelming in our household lately.  This little pause in my day, one tiny second to breathe in quiet and breathe out stress… It’s vital.

I’ll be 100% honest, I have hit a parenting wall in the past month or so.  My frustration with my communication barrier with Tessa is brimming.  My frustration with my soon-to-be four-year-old’s “selective hearing” is beyond overflowing.  I need just one of them to make some progress.

Or maybe it’s me who needs to make the progress.

Probably, it’s me.


One response to “peace and quiet

  1. Hope life slows down soon.. I’ve missed your posts. 🙂

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