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The Talk

on April 21, 2015

We had to have The Talk with Ellie.  We weren’t ready for it, but suddenly, in the middle of a quiet car ride home, she blurted out the question we’d all been waiting for…  Sort of.

“Hey guys?  Why do you all think you hafta give Tessa Down syndrome?  She’s FINE!”

FullSizeRender (9)

99% of the time, Ellie picks up on every. single. thing. that is said in her presence.  This is not very convenient, believe me.  She has asked about adult conversations from the radio, commercials for random products (you need to buy Oxiclean, Mom!). gossip that I’ve discussed in the company of dear friends… she is always listening.  Because of this, it has been very odd to us that, up until now, she has denied ever even hearing the words “Down syndrome.”  Occasionally, we have asked her if she knows that Tessa has it or what it might mean, but she would always furrow her little brow and give us a look like we were crazy.

I don’t know what set the wheels in motion in her head that night, but the floodgates opened.  We talked about Tessa’s 47 strings and how the rest of us only have 46 (thank you, Becky Carey!).  We talked about how she needed a little extra help from her therapists, but that yes, she is fine.  We assured her that Tessa would always have Down syndrome and that was OK.  It was the most random, meaningful, (un?)important 10 minutes that we have had with Ellie in her not-quite-four years.

And then she followed up by asking us when we were going to stop to get her Happy Meal because she had been waiting long enough.

Love this kid.



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