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Pass the fluff, please

on April 5, 2015

What I really need right now is a goofy little novel to read, a chick-flick-in-print, if you will.  A little Meg Ryan, a little Hugh Grant… nothing too heavy, no drama, no political nonsense, just some fluff to breeze on through.  Please, nothing thought-provoking and heaven forbid it be the least bit relevant or timely.  No thanks.  Not now.

Before the children, I gobbled up books on my Spring Break.  In the summer time, I would go through stacks and stacks.  Back then, I thought it was important to buy all the books that I read.  John and I would spend hours at Barnes and Noble on a Tuesday afternoon, each emerging from our own favorite area of the store with a pile of books under arm.  We’d talk briefly about what we found, both feigning interest in the others’ selections, without any actual intention of reading them.  

(The library gets a lot more of my business these days.  I’m the patron who uses up all her renewals and then ends up with a $2.00 fine because even after 6 weeks, I’m not done and to be honest, the book is lost somewhere at bottom of my diaper bag anyway.  But I digress…)

When Ellie was born, I took up crossword puzzles.  Baby Brain had taken its toll on me somethin’ fierce and I thought that maybe if the crosswords worked well for senior citizens, then they might help me stay sharp also.  Each night before bed, I set out to solve the puzzles in the Easy section of my books.  I don’t know how well they work for memory in the over-65 crowd, but I can tell you that my brain still requires a lot of post-it notes to function properly.

Then of course, After, the bookshelf was filled with books about Down syndrome.  It is fascinating and enriching and important, but sometimes, I get so saturated with Down syndrome and non-fiction and and life that I just need to take a step back.

Our Spring Break was full.  So full.  We are prepping the house for the big move.  I painted a lot.  John put down a floor.  We had the help of our tremendous family.  On the eve of a Monday back to work, I’m reeling a little bit – I’m not quite sure what happened or how it happened or when our actual ‘break’ might take place.  And this is why I just want light, fluffy, nonsense.  And maybe a glass of wine.  Please and thanks.

(Cuteness in photos coming soon…)


2 responses to “Pass the fluff, please

  1. Kelly says:

    I seem to remember buying you “I heart my little a-holes” for Christmas. If you haven’t read that yet I suggest picking it up. Short, lighthearted chapters. A book that requires very little time investment but you’ll breeze through anyway. And you’ll almost pee your pants at least once laughing so hard. At least I did 😊

    • Maggie says:

      Yes! First of all, I’m missing my box of Christmas presents somewhere in the black hole that is my bedroom right now…. but on top of that, I am in a “I don’t want to think about parenting at all in the last moments before I fall asleep phase.” Saving that one for beach reading in Michigan!

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