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3 Decades

on March 10, 2015

A very special kind of countdown has started and I’m super excited about it!

(No, Mom and Mom-in-Law, I’m not pregnant.)

Today, I am celebrating the beginning of my 144-day “make fun of John because he is 30” extravaganza.  I only get 144 days because of course, then I will be 30 also.  But for now…. let the fun begin.  🙂

As I’m sitting here, he is telling me that he does not want a post in celebration of his birthday… which is fine, because this isn’t about that…. it’s just about him.  I have done exactly what he told me.  😉

I had to laugh today, going through old pictures of him, because I was trying to find just one to share here in celebration of him.  it’s impossible.  I don’t know if there is just one picture that can really embody his accomplishments, his determination to provide for his family, his devotion to us and to the girls and to God.  This is a remarkable man.  And for all of the amazing things that he has worked so hard to provide for us, these are the things that I love the most:

photo 2 (2)IMG_5741 IMG_4123 IMG_3973 IMG_4434 IMG_3607 IMG_4345 IMG_0574 IMG_5973


3 responses to “3 Decades

  1. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday John!! Fun pictures Maggie!

  2. Judy Lay says:

    I’m so glad you both were born ….all those years ago…..and now you are celebrating life together!

  3. Judy Lay says:

    Maggie where’s a new post?! Certainly you have some time to update the blog after your 3 kiddos go nite-nite!:-)

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