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Basics, Year Two

on January 20, 2015

One year ago today, fresh off our rocket launch into the world of Down syndrome, we (mostly I) started writing.  We began with the basics.  Today, an update:

This is what you should know about my family:

John – Husband. Age at this writing, just shy of 30. Married almost 6 years. Dad, teacher, coach, Fantasy Football Commissioner Extraordinaire. My best friend and favorite person on the planet.  Will give you the shirt off his back and then worry that he could have given you more if he had just thought of it at the time.

Ellie – Child #1, girl. Age at this writing, 3.5 years. Matter-of-fact, sweet, unapologetic, bossy. Self-described “goofball knucklehead bum.”  Still doesn’t color WITH you, but rather tells you what to color and expects you to do as you are told.  Uses a lot of big, adult words and phrases with perfect comedic timing.

Tessa – Child #2, girl. Age at this writing, 13 months. Active, sweet, chatty in small groups. Likes crawling around the house, dumping over bins of toys, and looking in the mirror.  Dislikes being left alone, especially at bedtime.  Her smile will melt even the coldest heart… as will her pout.  Has Down syndrome.

Me (Maggie) – Age at this writing, 29 (gulp.)  Educator (Division Chair/Spanish teacher/whatever else they need me to do). Personality? See Ellie’s description above. She is me, in toddler form (except for the whole “knucklehead bum” thing). I love inspirational quotes, chocolate, and margaritas.  I write for my family and my kids – but I’m happy to take anyone along for the ride who wants to join us.

Year two… let’s go!


6 responses to “Basics, Year Two

  1. Judy Lay says:

    You do know your crew! Sorry about the knucklehead stuff….pretty certain she got that from me. And although it goes without saying, I choooooose love too!

  2. Oneinamillion says:

    So happy to be along for the ride with you and your amazing family!

  3. swerhane says:

    I love you all, but especially you. Happy one year blogaversarry, sweet friend.

  4. I sooo enjoy reading about your family. It’s funny how your description of your oldest daughter could easily apply to my oldest daughter. 😉

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