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Reflections from Ellie

on December 19, 2014

More than me, more than John, Tessa adores Ellie.  The bond that these two share is unlike any I have ever seen before. This morning, I stayed at home an extra 10 minutes so that I could see my girls wake up before I left for work.  Ellie is quite the grump in the morning, but John has found that by plopping Tessa next to her in the bed, she wakes up totally happy.

Watching Tessa wake Ellie up this morning was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  (And, I apologize, because I have no video of the event.  Some things are better experienced  when you aren’t looking through an iPhone screen.)

We wanted to share Ellie’s thoughts on Tessa and her birth.  So, we asked her to tell us about the day Tessa was born.  This is what she told us:


5 responses to “Reflections from Ellie

  1. Judy Lay says:

    Kids love so unconditionally. So true to what love should be. And the joy of siblings is remarkable. Ellie ‘gets’ the no matter what part!

  2. Love this!! I’m so grateful we are all lucky enough to see this amazing, special bond between siblings! We’re so lucky!

  3. So sweet. Happy Birthday week, Tessa! It’s been a joy learning about your amazing life this past year!

  4. Oneinamillion says:

    I love how excited Tessa gets while Ellie is talking. So adorable.

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