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Mad vocabulary skillz

on September 9, 2014

Today I took Tessa to the doctor. She has a cold and since her last cold put her in the hospital for a week, we are being more vigilant.

Yay, copays! :p

In any case, the doctor we saw was new to the practice, so I had the joy of filling her in on Tessa’s medical history. As we got to the end of the appointment, she said to me, “So, you must be in the medical field. What do you do?”

I wasn’t quite sure how she came to that conclusion. What I do is virtually the exact opposite of medicine. Do schools make people healthy?? No, no, no. Schools breed yucky little diseases and keep these doctors working! I just laughed and responded that I’m actually a teacher, then asked how she got that idea.

“Wow,” she said, “you use medical terminology very well!”

Umm, yes. I suppose that at this point, the jargon is more natural to me than the average Joe Schmoe on the street. I feel a little irked, but also a little proud, that she was impressed by my vocabulary. I don’t necessarily want any opportunities to improve it, but at least I know that if I’m ever at a cocktail party with some doctors, I can blend right in.

Who am I kidding? Me? At a cocktail party?? Not unless they are serving margaritas and Bud Light…


3 responses to “Mad vocabulary skillz

  1. Oneinamillion says:

    I know what you mean (about the margaritas too). I feel like I have learnt a new language since Eva was born. One filled with acronyms and multiple syllable words. PDA. ASD. CHARGE. Corpus callosum. Intubate. Extubate. Choanal atresia. Micropthalmia. Coloboma. It just goes on and on!!

  2. jamieabradford says:

    Love this! Totally relate! Hope Tessa feels better soon!

  3. But if you were a nurse, you’d talk about poop more than anything else :p

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