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One sickie, two sickie, three sickie? Four??

on April 28, 2014

One of the blessings of being a teacher is that we get a good amount of time off with vacations and holidays plus a number of “sick days” to use throughout the year. I was fortunate enough to have enough days to get me through six weeks of my maternity leave before having to take unpaid time off. The problem we have now encountered is that I’m out of days… And suddenly, I’m needed. And also feeling my own aches developing in my throat and ears.

Tessa’s fever has not diminished yet and now John has developed symptoms that we think may be strep. In addition, Tessa has a follow-up visit soon with her doctors from the NICU… and then there is the surgery coming up. The stress that I am carrying around these days is that I am simply unable to be there for my child and family. I can take a day unpaid for her surgery, but more than that is simply not feasible. We’re teachers. We have many student loans and a mortgage and a car payment. Frazzled is pretty much the only way to describe this house right now.

We’re asking for two prayers tonight, if you’re so inclined:

1. That Tessa’s illness be nothing more than a cold or something that can be treated at home… and

2. that Ellie not catch this bug or any other. For the sanity of all of us, that girl must stay healthy.

I’ll be chugging orange juice and other forms of vitamin C until this storm has passed.


2 responses to “One sickie, two sickie, three sickie? Four??

  1. Sickness never hits when it’s convenient, does it? So sorry you guys are going through this. We’ll be praying it passes quickly and without problems.

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