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Belly Sleeper

on April 15, 2014

I just went in to check on the girls and found Tessa asleep on her belly.

We did not put her down this way.

We knew that she could roll from back to belly, but she hasn’t ventured into the world of tummy sleeping until tonight.

Sweet Jesus, how am I going to get any sleep?!

I realize that all you moms with kids around my age are chuckling at me right now. My own mother always tells me “all YOU kids slept on your bellies and here you are today!” Yeah, yeah, yeah. But modern advances in medicine have changed a LOT of our ideas about infant safety. Take car seats for example. Have you ever seen a car seat circa 1985?? Yeesh.


It seems to me that now, medical professionals subscribe to the idea that if you put your baby flat on her tummy and do not watch her every breath, she will die. And being a mother who wants the best for my child, I believe them… which is why this whole evening is so agonizing for me.

I did the same amount of agonizing with Ellie, but still feel like Tessa is different. Because she is less interested in rolling the other way. Because her breathing is loud still. Because dang it, I’m not ready for her to make this decision for herself! Ha. Leave it to my daughter to ignore her mother and do as she pleases at the ripe old age of not-quite-four months. Karma.

Parenthood is not for the weak-hearted.


3 responses to “Belly Sleeper

  1. knross says:

    our son did this same thing… no matter how many times we rolled him over to his back, he would immediately roll back onto his stomach… I was just as nervous as you but as long as you don’t have any pillows or blankets or bumpers then it should all be just fine…

  2. T is a belly sleeper too!
    Without my Angelcare monitor I would never sleep!!

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