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Back in the Game

on March 28, 2014

Three. Two. One……


It’s back to work time for this momma. 14 weeks have passed since Tessa’s arrival (seriously.) and I have a boatload of students waiting for me to teach them again.

I go back eagerly, though slightly unsettled. This was a monster week of appointments for Tessa and the rest of the family. Three therapies (plus one supervisor visit), two doctors, one “let’s get acquainted with day care” visit, a broken car, a seminar on Inclusion (tomorrow), a visit to the store to buy some pants that fit my postpartum body… The list goes on.

And did I mention that both of our computers crashed this week?

I will soon write an update on Tessa’s progress. The iPhone is not so conducive to the amount of information that I would like to share. Suffice it to say that while progress is slow, it is steady… But we also have more questions than answers today. This is why I’m unsettled….

I miss my classes and my work. Really, really. I am one of those working moms that loves working. But I don’t know how to do all of the searching and learning that I feel like I need to do without my nice two-hour afternoon stretch while Tessa naps. Soon there will be grading and meetings and students who have needs to be met and then there are lesson plans to be written…. And that 4:45 alarm makes me tired just thinking about it. Normalcy is returning to the Lay household. A new normal.

Please wish us luck. And send wine.


2 responses to “Back in the Game

  1. Oneinamillion says:

    Good luck!!! We are in opposite positions, as I just finished work on Thursday so now stare down the barrel of 9 months of maternity leave. So hard to leave those students, but I know I need to rest.

  2. Good luck!!! If I could send wine I would!!!

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