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On Being Two and a Half

on March 20, 2014

Here is a conversation that I literally just had in the car with Ellie:

Ellie:  Oh man, I lost my booger.

Me:  What?  What booger?

Ellie: My booger from my nose.

Me: (silently pray that it’s gone, long gone… or better yet, that it was just imaginary) umm…. How did you get a booger?

Ellie: Oh I got it.  From my nose.  (pause)  It’s not on my hand.  And it’s not on this hand either. (pause, then squeal)  HERE IT IS.  On my cheek!  I have my booger!!  My stupid booger.  Mom, do you know the “stupid” word?

Me: (in my head: oh yes, I know it well.  As a matter of fact, I probably taught it to you.  Crap, she pays way too much attention… I need to stop gossiping in front of her.)  Umm…..

Ellie:  It means you die.  And you have a stinky shirt and you don’t take a bath.  Can we go to Mimi’s house? 

I will miss two-and-a-half someday.



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