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Unmotivated Monday.

on March 3, 2014

Last week was a busy week, the kind where each and every day you fall into bed exhausted, but can’t sleep because of the list going in your brain.  Most notably, we celebrated Tessa’s baptism (or, bathtism or paptism as Ellie called it… can you imagine a paptism????  No thank you.) and the week of preparation was intense.  However, we’re out on the other side of it now, with a happily cleansed child, newly developed colds, and a boatload of chili left in the freezer.   Pictures will come later, but I’ve decided that today will be “Unmotivated Monday,” so clearly an iPhone sync is not going to happen today.

As I’ve gathered from reading so many other moms who write about Down syndrome, and as I am quickly realizing, it is a tremendous task to not be fully consumed by my child’s differences and needs.  Compared to Ellie, Tessa has seen more doctors and had more appointments, has taken up more brain power and bookshelf space in two and a half months than in Ellie’s two and a half years.  When Ellie was born, I didn’t think twice about my only 7 weeks at home with her before returning to work.  Tessa will be 14 weeks when I head back at the end of the month.  While anxious to be back at school, I cross my fingers that it will be enough.

Today, there will be no focused exercises.  Besides running the dishwasher (because my child needs to eat and who wants to wash a dozen bottles and all of their pieces by hand?), the house will remain a mess.  Tessa and I are still wearing our clothes from last night.  We’re watching crummy TV and eating leftovers.  The books and websites are closed, the phone is on silent.  I do plan to make dinner, but also wouldn’t be surprised if another Chili’s To Go bag ends up on my kitchen table tonight.  And all of this is just fine.  As long as Unmotivated Monday doesn’t turn into Tuckered-out Tuesday and Wasted Wednesday, rest. is. good.


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