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on February 20, 2014

I need to write an update on Tessa, but truth be told, I haven’t spent a lot of time with her in the past couple of days.  Instead, I’ve taken care of this little sickie:


Ellie doesn’t get sick often.  As a matter of fact, this is the first time she’s been sick at all since she was about 9 months old!!!  However, when she does come down with something, she goes all out.  She’s just like her daddy in this way.  The throwing up, the chills, the crying… her fevers are always in the mid-to-upper 103 degree range and she just acts miserable (and I’m sure she really is!).  New to this illness was Ellie’s ability to use words to tell us all about her pain and discomfort.  She had lots to say!!  So. Much. Whining.  My particular favorite was an exchange that we had toward the end of her sickness, when she was absolutely desperate to show some love to Tessa:

Ellie:  Can I please kiss Tessa now?!

Me: Nope, sorry.  We have to wait until you are alllllll better.

Ellie:  Ohhhhh.  Because I throwed up?

Me:  Yep.

Ellie:  And because I have worms?

I can assure you, there were no worms, but rather, germs.  Thankfully, it only took a couple of days for Ellie to return to normal.  The “tummy bake” and “worms” have left, John and Tessa are allowed out of quarantine, and only one of four family members was afflicted with this lovely bug.

(It’s worth noting that Ellie learned VERY quickly that she will be pampered when sick.  After bursting through the door yesterday afternoon, laughing and singing, she was asked to pick up some toys.  She proceeded to tell us that she really “needed a rest,” then laid down on the couch, closed her eyes, and asked for some sprite for her tummy bake.  Yeah, right.)


4 responses to “Sickie

  1. Oneinamillion says:

    They learn how to wrap you round their little finger early, huh!
    Very crafty.
    Happy to hear the rest of the fam managed to avoid the dreaded tummy bake/worms combo.

    • Oneinamillion says:

      Oh also, love your choice of name for your lovely little one, I’m a Tessa too!

      • Maggie says:

        I had never heard of any other Tessas until we named our daughter (officially, she’s a Theresa). Now they are popping up everywhere!!

      • Oneinamillion says:

        It’s a great name (if I do say so myself) because there are a few around, but it’s not a super common one. I’m just Tessa, but get asked if it’s short for something quite a bit.
        Go Tessas!

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