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Snorty McSnorterson

on February 11, 2014

Did you know that Tessa sleeps in our bedroom closet?

Someday, Tessa will move into her crib in the room that she and Ellie will share. I think they will be *great* roomies… However, before she was born, John and I agreed that it would be best for everyone if Ellie didn’t have to endure the sleepless nights like the rest of us. So Tess started in our very small “office” (which is actually just part of our upstairs hallway). When she woke up Ellie one night and no one in the house slept (Worst. Night. Ever.), we moved her to the only place in our house that we had room: the master bathroom.

We felt kind of awkward explaining to our original EI coordinator that our brand new baby was sleeping in a bathroom. She didn’t seem to be phased by it, but we were and that very evening, we cleared out some space in our closet and she’s been there ever since.

So why doesn’t she just sleep in our room? One word (and it’s a doozy): Laryngomalacia.

Say it with me: La ring o malaysia.

If you listen to Tessa breathe in some positions (mostly laying flat on her back), she sounds like she is congested. We spent a few weeks trying to “treat” her congestion with saline drops, a humidifier, every kind of nasal aspirator available on the market… nothing worked. The speech therapist who did Tessa’s initial evaluation told us about Laryngomalacia. It is essentially loose cartilage that causes some airway obstruction when a child breathes. It’s pretty common, and it will most likely go away on its own before she turns one. So if you have the joy of spending time with our sweet girl, don’t worry, it’s not contagious, she’s just a little floppy on the inside. 🙂


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  1. […] do the camera-down-the-throat check to confirm whether or not Tessa has laryngomalacia (see more here), reflux, or something else. It’s great that she is eating upright, but we are still hearing […]

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