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adventures in family, faith, and Down syndrome


on January 27, 2014

Before Tessa was born, I was often asked how Ellie felt about having a baby. She’s two, so the reality of what a sibling would do to the family dynamic is not something that she had any way of comprehending, but she made one thought very clear: we were to bring home a baby girl, or the baby would not be welcome in our family.

Thank God that we got the right gender!!

Ellie adores our baby…. probably too much at times. To her, Tessa is just the cutest little bean and requires about 47,000 kisses per hour. She talks to her in a ridiculous voice, holds her little hands… May we all remember to treat her as “normally” as Ellie does!!!

I do think often about their future together. It’s probably the one area that actually causes me a substantial amount of anxiety. I never want to parent Ellie less, expect more of her, or put too much on her shoulders. However, I can’t help but pray that this little toddler will grow into a champion for her sister. I’m not naive enough to think that Tessa will never have to deal with teasing or feeling left out… nor do I really expect that Ellie will always be the one to come to her rescue when times are tough. However, when I picked Ellie up from her daycare on Friday, I couldn’t help but smile at the exchange I heard between my eldest and another little girl:

Girl: Hi Autumn!! (The name of another little baby)
Ellie, very upset: No! That is Tessa! Do NOT call her Autumn, that is not her NAME!!! She is Tessa!

You go girl.



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