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The S*** Show

John says I shouldn’t swear on this blog. I’m not sure why… I’m not one to curse much in life anyway, but really, this week has earned a few choice words. I think you all understand if I call it sh***y, right? That’s a good compromise. 😉

We had a particularly unpleasant night with Ellie; one that involved a LOT of crying and smacks in the nose (from her to us!!) to avoid drops. We think they were accidental smacks… But she might have us all fooled.

Today I returned to work. We have been staying with my parents, as they live two minutes from Tessa’s hospital and we live 45 minutes away. So my usual 15-minute commute would instead be an hour. I was up, showered, ready. John wandered in with a scowl on his face.

Me: Rough night, man. Those drops are brutal.
Him: Yeah. Look at my eyes.
Me: You look exhausted! It’s only 5:30, go back to sleep!
Him: Maggie! Look. At. My. Eyes.
Me: S***.


Cross another person off the list of helpers.

You know that feeling when someone sneezes on you and every tickle in your throat becomes an “oh my God, this is it, I’m getting the bug!” reaction? That has been me. All. Day. My eyes, which are white as white can be, albeit a little dry from the hospital air, literally tingle. It’s coming for me…

At least Tessa has had a good day. We’ve been lowered to a high-flow cannula rather than the Bubble CPAP. She took four ounces in a bottle and had a nice little bath. I’m here with her now, though I’m not touching her for fear of spreading The Disease. She is a sweet little peanut!!