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The longest yard

Ok, so not a yard… more like six inches… but still.  I’m not going to take two minutes of your time to talk your ear off today.  Instead, I’m going to share two minutes of Tessa that literally has me floating right now.

If you’ve been following Tessa for quite some time… or if you read my post about my defective child, what happens at 1:47 might just get you, too.  I watched the video about 4 times before I saw it…

To set this up, we’ve been struggling a bit to find things that motivate Tessa to move.  Today, I set up my iPhone camera to record her looking at herself.  This is what we got:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I adore my little girls… but today isn’t about them.  So humor me here while I take 5 minutes to pay homage to my partner in crime (in pictures):


(thanks, http://www.snotm.com/ 🙂

In our childfree days:


We laugh, a LOT.


He’s a wonderful, supportive, loving, helpful, fun, funny, kind, and caring husband and father… and I am thankful to have him in the trenches with me.


Love you, Jefe!!