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Dear Julie

Dear Julie,

Back when Ellie was a baby, we did not get off to a very good start with our in-home daycare experience.  Very thankfully, only months into her life, fate and a bunch of awesome family/friend connections brought us to you.

We know that  Ellie was a (generally pleasant) handful and you loved her for it.  I so appreciated having a friendship with you – my commute home was always a little longer than expected because we would chatter about the day while Ellie s l o w l y put her shoes on her little feet.

When Tessa was diagnosed, we were afraid of so many things.  One of our fears was that you might not be able to care for her.  We didn’t know how she would be, what her needs would be, or how you felt about the extra responsibilities of a child with special needs.  We ripped the bandaid off quickly, telling you almost right away about Down syndrome.

Of everyone we told, you had the best reaction of all.

Without even a second’s hesitation, you told us that you would love her just like you love all of the children you care for.  That was that.  And we couldn’t be more grateful for how you lived that statement for the rest of our time living in that area.

Our girls miss you.  They love going to Mimi’s house for daycare, but Ellie still talks all about her friends at Miss Julie’s house and how she is going to marry Aiden.  She even still takes care of her Michael’s stuffed animal.  She adored him!!!  I love seeing your family grow on Facebook.  You gave our girls such a wonderful start while John and I worked.  Thanks so much for being their daycare mommy.  We are so blessed to have been able to send our girls to you – thank you for just loving on Tessa like you do all the others.

Lots of love,



This is part of the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge – blogging every day for the the 31 days of Down Syndrome Awareness month.  To find out more about the challenge, and to see other blogs participating, click here.

This year’s theme has been inspired by the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network’s #deardoctor campaign.  To see more #deardoctor letters, visit their Facebook page here.

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Lesson #11: Daycare is just the right thing to do (for us)

This is part of the 31 for 21 blog challenge!

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would be a working mom. Some girls imagine themselves taking care of babies and running their households. That was never me. I do all of that stuff, but I also have a job that I love and my kids go to Miss Julie’s house for their daytime care.

I’ll tell you more about Julie when I have a keyboard and I can do her justice. For now, suffice it to say that she has been a true blessing for our family. My girls adore her and her house.

What I love about daycare for Tessa is that she is totally thriving surrounded by older, typical kids. While playing with her sister gives her some exposure to words, movement, big-kid stuff, play at daycare is even more busy and complex. It has been her normal life routine for so long, since she was just three months old. It’s good for her. Case in point:


Julie sent me that picture yesterday. It looks boring enough, just four kids hanging out around the box of Frozen toys. But the amazing background story is that Ellie and the other two were playing excitedly with these toys and Tessa army-crawled her way across the room to see what they were playing with. Motivation. Example. Acceptance.

She is in the right place.

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