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on January 1, 2018

We hibernated through most of 2017. There was a lot of general illness in our family with two kiddos starting new schools with new germs. I was pregnant, we were tired, my gallbladder died… you know, typical life stuff.

(Insert eye roll here.)

In any case, here we are in 2018. Our cast of characters has expanded. We are ready with goals. Let’s go!

John (age at this writing, almost 33): No longer coaching (Praise The Lord!). Still Fantasy Football Commish Extraordinaire. Pretty much Dad of the Year for getting the girls ready and out the door on his own every day. Seriously questioning his decision not to purchase a second car that can fit three car seats so that we can share pick-up duty after work.

Ellie (age appears to be 16.5, but is actually only 6.5): First grade, dual language, Moana-obsessed, definitely type A. Very much like a tiny adult, but with impulse control issues and child-like enthusiasm for all things pink, princess, and McDonalds. Will only wear dresses that are “twirly.”

Tessa (4): A little chatterbox and television fanatic. Quite persistent with all of her demands. Loves old people and anyone who might be willing to give her a cookie.

Lauren (age is somewhere around 6.5 months maybe?): The best baby ever. No, seriously. That’s it. She rocks.

Me (age 32): Still Type A, but really trying to convince myself that I have fallen into the A- category by now. Trying to learn calligraphy, but failing. New Instant Pot user (the world has gone mad for pressure cooking!). Cutting back on wine and all the good foods in life, so please forgive any snarkiness.

I only have two goals for this year: to write at least once a week, and to vacuum at least once a week. I can tell you that last year, I wrote way more than I vacuumed, and you all know how often I actually wrote sooo….. yeah. There’s some work to do there.

Welcome, 2018! We’re ready for you!

Ellie’s first White Elephant win….


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